How can awnings help you save on energy?

One way that people protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun is by installing awnings in Sydney or other types of shading devices in their homes or businesses. Awnings help provide shade and shelter from intense sunlight for your windows, patio areas, and more.

Advantages of installing awnings are:

-They provide shade and shelter from the sun.

-They protect you from strong heat rays that can make it difficult to enjoy your outdoor space during summer months.

-You will be able to feel more comfortable with a little relief from the hot, bright light of sunlight on your skin all day long.

-It’s like having an entire room for shade next to any window in your home or business.

-If you’re worried about your furniture, don’t be! Awnings are designed to minimize damage and protect the furniture from the sun.

Awnings can also help with energy savings by shading a home or business from heat gain in summer months. During this period of time, it is important not only to stay cool but also reduce any chance for buildings to overheat which will result in higher air conditioning costs during peak periods such as hot days, evenings, nights and mornings. So why not save on both cost and comfort simultaneously?

The different types of awnings that help conserve energy are:

-Vertical awnings: these hug the wall and can be tilted up to provide shade from an intense sun. Vertical Awning fabric is UV resistant which protects outdoor furniture, plants, floors, etc., from fading due to exposure to the sun.

-Horizontal or overhangs: they are installed directly above windows on homes and businesses for protection of furnishings below them during hot weather periods as well as keeping interiors cooler by shading window glass in summer months. Horizontal or Overhang fabrics do not need any water source so it’s easy installation process with no maintenance needed at all!

-Straight drop awnings: straight drop awnings in Sydney are the most common type of awnings and are installed at the front or back of buildings. These types of awnings provide shade from both sun and rain making it an all-season protection for your home!

Small Business Process Automation: Harness it for a future that works

Small businesses have the potential to grow faster.

Great, but how?

Let me introduce you to automation, a concept that will open up new possibilities to grow revenue in the next financial quarter.

Did you know that 37% of the business responds less than in an hour when they receive a lead? (Harvard Business Review)

This brings me to a point of asking you as a stakeholder if you have already automated your leads. No company likes to send a sorry message on missing out on a potential lead and replying after a number of days.

Set a facility of automated responses for the lead, thank them for their interest; have a fast follow-up and lead closure in place. This should be followed by sending a query form attached or a potential guide to understand your business services.

Saving bucks, hiring the best talent, and training your resources are not just the only long-term strategy parameters you should have on your plate. Make sure your employees are not investing in manual workflows and using their time wisely. It is important for you to, therefore, automate processes and embrace the technology.

Here is how automation will further help you:
Gain valuable customer insights
Faster processing
Improved quality of service
Faster delivery & scalability
Reduce cost and improve productivity
Infact, a report by McKinsey claims that small businesses are likely to succeed more upon implementing automation processes rather than larger organizations.

Understand the Journey and Right Time to Automate
Small businesses normally feel anxious about implementing automation processes at their organization.

The answer probably to the process automation timeline is to plan basis the following pointers:

Understand gaps and convert them into your opportunities. Layout required technological capabilities.
Automate small activities with the highest potential and move to big ones for a comprehensive transformation.
Redefine and review the automated activities and employees, accordingly.
Decide the future-forward strategy and improve continuously.
And yes, very importantly, check feasibility, market dynamics, cost involved, laws, and estimated impact on your business. Business process outsourcing companies might be the right way to supercharge your operational capabilities.

Choose the Right Platform for your Business Needs
Now that you understand what automation means, the right time to automate your business processes; let us look at small tasks which you can instantly automate.

Small businesses always try to build customer relationships, products/services that last and touch points that show customers how much they care.

We have curated a list that will help you excel in the automated world:

You can level up your hiring game by adding automation to cut costs and hire employees that meet your standards. It is important that a potential candidate receives a personalized message and follow-up email sequences. Recruiters can even automate assessments to reduce time while screening candidates. Take data entry off your list and manage reimbursements, expenses, leaves, and salary through automation! Not just this, you can even inform interested candidates for the closing of a specific position or even hiring freeze.

Employee Training
Your current employee programs may not be good enough for upcoming large scale of employees. Identify your training needs by running an internal analysis, define goals, plan training sessions and obtain feedback. Take care of the measurement parameters to use to gauge the impact of this move. Automate reporting, communication, and certifications to focus more on your critical tasks. Set triggered notifications for your learning management system and carve better career paths for your employees.

Inventory Management
Calling employees to ask for inventories at hand and manual entries are not scalable. As volume increases, it is important to understand the time, resource and employee utilization to make smarter future decisions. Automated processes can reduce human error, show higher visibility and track inventory to improve customer satisfaction. No business would want to stock extra or less, especially when the sales are usually seasonal. This will also allow you to decide discounted deals and promotions basis inventory management. Invoice and supply chain – when automated will keep volume growth needs in check.

Marketing Management
Around 74% of marketers feel automation can save time. Responding to emails and social media of your user base as fast as possible will improve brand visibility and customer retention. Potential leads will feel happy by understanding your products and services in one go. Lead management, chatbot revert, and transaction-related query over social media – all of this can comparatively grow your revenue. Repetitive tasks, scheduling social media posts, automated responses, and measuring your marketing process can help you gain valuable insights.

How would automation impact CX at an organization?
Small businesses may not have the bandwidth to cater to these automation needs for their organization. In such a case, we highly recommend outsourcing business process services.

Upon automation through business process outsourcing, it is easier to cut costs and enhance customer experience.

An automated, structured process can replace human touchpoints to enable a better CX.

Here is how Maxicus does it when BPO business process outsourcing under its portfolio is requested:

Standardize manual workflows for a consistent and standardized experience
Reduce before, during and after call work for agents to increase operational efficiency
Train employees to use free automated tools and measure impact before final implementation
Detect calls (sentiment analysis) to reduce customer satisfaction
Flag red signals of agents during their performance to help them with instant feedback

Small business process automation can be a perfect recipe for speeding up operations, reducing cost, improving upon operational efficiency and facilitating seamless workflows.

Simple Ways to Enhance Your Small Business

As a small business owner, do you ever think about how to improve your business productivity? How to increase your customer base? Thankfully, these are the right questions for a progressive entrepreneur. The following are five simple ways that will propel your small business to a higher level.

Increase Your Online Presence
Do you have a business website? In the current digital age, having one is an advantage. Making functional and cosmetic updates to your websites might seem like a minor effort, but it is one that will benefit your business immensely. Cosmetic updates will ensure your website is captivating enough to catch the eye of a prospective customer. Include visible contacts and physical addresses in case a lead wants to make contact or visit your shop or office. Functional updates may include introducing online sales and an online booking system.

It will also benefit your business to invest in SEO to pull digital traffic to your website. Incorporating your website with various social media platforms is a trendy way your business can keep in touch with the multitude of online users. This step will most likely increase your leads and eventually your sales.

Have an in-Depth Look At Your Finances
Financial numbers define profit, loss or stagnation of a business. Your business can tremendously benefit from the right book-keeping procedures. If you consolidate the use of tools then your accounting can be stress-free and with minimal errors. For example, you can use sage 300 ERP integration which enables you to organize and clearly understand your financials. This tool, for instance, will help you in:

Ledger management
Processing end-of-year adjustments
Maintaining payable and receivable accounts
Knowing your numbers will enable you to always maintain a growth trajectory.

Maintain Good Customer Relations
While it is profitable to have a large customer base, it is entirely another thing to keep them altogether. You want your business to have loyal return customers as opposed to one time customers. To achieve this, you need to develop long-term relationships with your customers. Having excellent communication skills is an integral aspect when engaging with your customers. Listening to your customers and making appropriate changes with respect to their needs is a good starting point for developing a long-lasting relationship with them.

Whether or not a customer returns for a subsequent purchase entirely depends on their satisfaction. So, ensure the quality of your products or services is at par or better than the needs of your customers. It is best to engage all prospective customers, including being active on social media platforms. If your services or products satisfy a customer, then they are likely to write a positive review and equally refer someone else to you.

Asses Your Marketing Strategies
An effective marketing strategy will definitely improve your sales and improve your business in return. Knowing whether a marketing strategy works is vital for any business looking to cut back on losses. Positive margins are the ones that drive the growth of your business. How do you assess your strategies? Assess a marketing strategy by weighing its financial input, labor, and time it demands against the results it produces for your business. Doing continuous assessment will help you figure out the strategy that is paying off and the one that isn’t.

For instance, you can keep track of how customers initially get to know about your products, services or brand. Is it through a referral, online post, a newsletter or mainstream media advert? With the resultant data, you will tell the marketing effort that generates higher customer interest and inquiries. You can therefore focus your effort and finances on the marketing strategies that create more leads.

Motivate Your Staff
Your staff members are a core pillar of your productivity. Their motivation level while at work can either propel your business or plunge it. Therefore, it is best to be close and friendly to your staff to understand what makes them tick. You can benefit a great deal from your staff if you let them have flexible working hours, ensure they have a fun and conducive workplace, and recognize good work.

Movie Gift Basket – The Perfect Present For Friends and Family

Movie Gift Baskets can be a perfect gifting option for all your friends or family who love watching movies and are movie buffs. These baskets make the perfect gift options to give to film fanatics along with placing a special movie in it. This is certainly an exclusive and unique gift that will hold the attention of the gift receiver, thus making your gift giving truly memorable and meaningful.

A movie gift basket is truly a fun filled and thrilling gift. Most people would appreciate the thoughtfulness of the giver. This will be an endearing gift as it would allow the receiver to watch the latest and most popular movies along with super sized popcorn boxes, refreshment, candies and other attractive goodies. Those who love to watch movies and are fond of snacking while watching so they would appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this gift.

The receiver can be of any age group like children, youngsters and even adults and they can be presented a collection depending on their taste. This movie Gift Basket can be a gift for the whole family giving everyone have many hours of movie watching along with fun goodies that accompany the basket. In fact, the gifting option of movie gift basket is a perfect way to bring all the family members and friends together for a party.

These attractive baskets will make family get together an unforgettable and wonderful experience. The person giving the movie basket can also include DVDs that can be seen and enjoyed by the whole family together, time and time again. It is really very easy to get hold of such gift items simply by searching the web. They can even be purchased ready made from many local gift stores. You can even assemble the basket at home with minimum effort. All you need to do is to pick up some DVDs of the best running, popular or timeless movies, buy a pack of fresh buttered popcorn, some candies and a some type of beverage. Get hold of some attractive packing materials and you will be able to give your homemade movie gift basket to your friends or family in no time.

The collection of movies in the movie gift basket should depend on the preferences of the person receiving it. Think about the taste, choice and style of the person for whom you are going to purchase the movies. It is also a good idea to prepare a mixed bag of all kinds of movies placed in the basket. Movies can range from classics to romantic to action and, of course, family movies.

If you do not have the time to make your own movie gift basket, the internet is a great source for looking for sites or places selling ready made movie gifts. You just need to choose what you want to give and the lucky recipient will really be thankful to receive such a thoughtful gift from you.

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