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Learning to Truly Experience the Present Moment

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There is a lot of information out there within the law of attraction community about opening up in order to receive. This is such a difficult and important topic when working with the law of attraction that you could spend a large majority of your life studying it and still not learn all there is about it. It deserves your focus and attention.

Opening up is a process that takes time and energy to master to any degree. Opening up isn’t so much about opening up, as you would do to a door or a window as it is about letting go and living in the moment. I honestly believe that the biggest problem for most people in life is that they have the awareness level of a rock.

People miss so much on a daily basis that they have no idea how wonderful and beautiful life is. A huge majority of the time people are so focused on themselves, thoughts of the past, thoughts of the future, thoughts about things they worry about. People are so focused on stuff that has very little to nothing to do with the present moment that they completely miss the present moment even though they are living it and miss out on all of the wonder and beauty it has to offer.

Think about it for a moment. During conversations, most people are so focused on what they are going to say next that they miss what the other person is saying. Most people want to rush in and state their point of view and their input that they totally miss what the other person is saying, and most of the time conversations involve both sides talking about themselves.

Part of working with the law of attraction is learning to live in the present moment. To truly begin to develop the awareness and pay attention so that you are able to recognize and take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. The better you get at living in the here and now instead of thoughts about the past, the future, worries, stress, and a million other useless thoughts, the easier it will be for you to receive those things that you want in your life.

Living in the present moment involves truly paying attention. It’s tasting every single bite as you take it. Hearing every single word as you listen. Feeling the rain as it falls on your skin or the wind as it rushes through your hair.

It’s about letting the full vibrant colors of the leaves as they change and the shapes of the world around you. It’s about chewing your food slowly in order to truly, truly enjoy it. It’s about opening up and paying attention to what is going on around you right here and right now.

There is so much going on all the time that no one should ever be bored or need to think about other moments in time. The present moment has so much to experience that you need to learn to open up and pay attention to it and enjoy it and experience it. This is how we learn to open up and receive when working with the law of attraction. If you aren’t paying attention to what is going on you will never be able to recognize a moment of potential because you will be to focused on another moment that is gone or hasn’t happened it.

The other part of opening up is letting go. Letting go of the past and the future. Letting go of limiting ideas, perceptions, beliefs, control, hope, desire, wanting, and everything else.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have goals and dreams or anything like that. It’s about letting go of the need to have things different than they are because you haven’t learned how to enjoy and appreciate the present moment.

Much of the control, hope, desire, wanting, perceptions, beliefs, and ideas that we have and hold are about needed to make things something they aren’t or something we try to force them to be. Learn to appreciate the present moment, chase your dreams without the fear of hope, desire, or wanting, and truly attract what you want. Let go of those perceptions and beliefs and ideas because they only limit your ability to connect and open up with everything around you.

Let go of your need to control people and things. Let go of your desires and fears and the need to have things a certain way. Open up and experience and live completely in the present moment, and you will be amazed at what you can do and how well you can do.

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Audacious, Creative and Effective Presentations

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Most people are confused about the audacious presentations because there are very few people who use such presentations. Actually, they should be used as they not only grab the attention of people but also provide an effective impact on their minds. There are some vital key points which one can consider to make effective presentations. Very firstly, it is essential to be well prepared. It is very important to do complete research on the material as people would like to attend those presentations which have fresh material. The presentation should be created by taking the type of audience into consideration. If someone can make personalized presentation, it is more effective.

Stay focused on the subject
It is important that the presentation should be focussed as it retains the interest equally. It is better to mention some personal stories as such kind of stories seems to be authentic. One needs to listen and speak to the audience more clearly and in a relaxed mood. Make a pause while highlighting the key points. In this way, audience can understand the point in an easy and better way. The right use of facial expressions, voice modulation and hand gestures can play crucial role in making effective presentations.

Humorous content
Almost everyone gets impressed by humorous content, so try to insert some humour; it is also advised by several speakers. It is true that humour is not suitable for all types of presentation but it is one of the best ways to deliver message in the most effective manner and to establish rapport. The eye contact is also important, so just smile and try to stay in touch with audience throughout the presentation. Just do homework properly and definitely in the end one can achieve the real joy in the form of audience’s reviews.

Create presentation in a traditional way
Every presentation should have a beginning, middle, summary and end. This pattern is traditional and people are following the same pattern since a long time. It is a natural way to make effective presentations and definitely audience can easily acquire the right information. A summary should include some key points so as to give a final touch.

Use of right visuals
It is true that visuals have great impact on the minds of people but it is effective only if images are available in right manner. The audience can easily get the point, if the pictures are available. However, the size of pictures should be considered very carefully because if the audience are unable to view the images clearly, it will not have any effect on their minds. Tell the audience all the key points in a precise and clear way so that they do not lose interest in the presentation. So, above are few key points which one can implement in order to achieve audacious and effective presentations.

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Presenting – Michelle Gebhart – A True Renaissance Woman

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My Celebrate Toronto article series is starting with the Beach, one of Toronto’s coolest neighbourhoods. Not only does the Beach offer a resort like feel and sports opportunities akin to Southern California ocean front communities, it is also a great entertainment area with a wide variety of restaurant choices.

I had heard some interesting things about a fairly new restaurant called “Michelle’s Beach House” and decided it was time to check it out in person and meet the owner behind this establishment. Last Wednesday, after doing some shopping in the local Book City in the Beach I sat down at one of the tables by the window and watched people walking back and forth along Queen Street East.

After settling in I had a chance to take some photos of the restaurant and was particularly enchanted by the suspended fish tanks that are home to a diverse range of brightly coloured tropical fish. One of the fish tanks on the north side apparently contains a species of man-eating fish. Fortunately they are well encased in thick glass.

The light-coloured birch and teak décor is very avant-guarde, and the two round elevated tables in front of the bay windows provide a perfect view of the busy street. Walls are decorated with black and white photos and the granite bar provides a solid anchor in this stylish establishment. Interesting architectural touches are added by the washrooms, an area that is usually not paid enough attention to by restaurant owners: I have to admit Michelle’s Beach House has some of the most attractive restroom facilities in town, with cutting edge glass bowl vanities and beautiful pictures inside the private stalls. The hallways are adorned with interesting oversize art. And interestingly enough, the men’s and women’s washrooms don’t have any permanent signs attached. No, the women’s restroom is indicated with a bikini, while a pair of swim trunks signals the men’s facilities. Now someone definitely had a sense of humour here.

I had arrived a little early and just a couple of minutes after 7 pm Michelle Gebhart, the owner of “Michelle’s in the Beach”, incidentally also the owner of “Michelle’s Brasserie” in Toronto’s upscale Yorkville Neighbourhood, arrived. A tall, young and very attractice-looking woman with a definite flair for fashion introduced herself and after taking care of some staff questions, we sat down at my table and I got a chance to get to know this successful hospitality entrepreneur.

Michelle spent her early days growing up as an “army brat” in Timmins and later moved with her family to British Columbia. Her father, an officer with the Canadian Armed Forces, is of German descent while her mother, a retired high school teacher, is from France. She arrived in Toronto as a teenager and says she always had a Cinderella complex, being the middle daughter.

There is no doubt that Michelle is an adventurer: at 16 she hitchhiked across the country and later worked on a horse ranch. An even more interesting item graces her resume: she used to run a trap line. When I inquired what that is she explained that she used to trap wilds cats and beaver for a company that used to sell the pelts to fur makers. Michelle also tried tamer activities such as selling life insurance. At a young age, Michelle got some work experience as a bar tender and soon developed a liking for the hospitality industry.

After high school Michelle took a program in graphic design, but she never worked in that field. But her keen eye for design shows, both in the tasteful, modern design of her restaurant, and her personal taste in fashion. Soon Michelle decided to open her own business, and started a restaurant called “Michelle’s Alibi” in Newmarket, but unfortunately a business partnership with a friend went sour. Michelle says she got “cleaned out” by her business partner and went back to becoming an employee. She worked for a time for the Founders Club at the Skydome and gained valuable experience in the high-end hospitality business.

Michelle was offered a location for her own restaurant in Yorkville five times, but she turned all those offers down. In 2002 she finally made the jump and created La Brasserie in one of Toronto’s most upscale entertainment districts. She was not deterred by setbacks such as her partner bailing out on her, or the SARS epidemic which hit Toronto’s hospitality and tourism industry like a ton of bricks back in 2003.

With a lot of determination and hard work Michelle made it through those tough times, and in late 2005 she started to look for another restaurant location. She chose the Beach for her new venture and started to look at different properties. A placed called “Stoney’s Sports Bar” had gone out of business, and when Michelle had a look at the property, she saw a sugar locust tree growing on the backyard patio. The same type of tree is growing at her Yorkville restaurant, so Michelle saw this as a sign and bought the location in November of 2005.

Due to a very busy winter season at her Yorkville Restaurant, Michelle postponed the renovation of her new location to March of 2006 and then rolled up her sleeves and got to work on completely gutting the existing establishment. The centerpiece, the heavy oak booths, the drywall, everything was removed, and Michelle could get started on her own design.

But Michelle did not only take care of the design and the organization of the renovation, she was right in there, working herself on the plumbing, the electrical, she cut the granite for the bar’s countertop, laid the flooring, put up the drywall. Some of the renovation tidbits included ripping out ceilings with dead mice dropping the floor. Despite all these minor details, Michelle and her dad completely restructured the premises and finished the renovation about two months later. Today she has a gorgeous looking restaurant to show for.

She had a few extra helpers: teenagers from a downtown Toronto drop-in location called the Evergreen Youth Drop-In Centre assisted her with the construction. Michelle regularly volunteers for this organization. Every other Monday she cooks for the kids, donates the food and brings along a few of her employees to make it all happen. The Evergreen Centre has a day-care centre, provides initial housing for teenagers and helps street kids with job search efforts.

I asked Michelle how she connected with the Evergreen Centre, and she said her motorcycle group, “Los Silverados”, regularly donates to this organization. My jaw dropped: I had thought I only had a talented hospitality entrepreneur in front of me; now it dawned on me that I was talking to a woman who is able to do plumbing, electrical and construction work; a woman who rides a motorcycle; and a woman who regularly volunteers at a downtown youth drop-in centre, using her own time and resources…..

If I was wearing a hat I would have taken it off at this point. Being a totally hopeless klutz myself, a woman who can operate power tools (including a motor cycle) and who does community work will always get my attention.

All the while Michelle kept insisting that there is nothing to her story, she claimed she really didn’t have anything interesting to share, and the more I listened to her I realized that despite her modesty, I was talking to a multi-talented, multi-faceted, highly unusual woman right then and there. I started to enjoy the conversation more and more.

Michelle’s design in the guest bathroom called for a stylish bowl-type vanity, the type of vanity that is really in fashion right now and can cost several thousand dollars. Michelle simply went to Home Depot, bought several components, and constructed her leading edge vanity itself at a cost of a few hundred dollars. At one point she needed to get a washing machine hooked up in the basement in order to be able to wash the linens and napkins on site. She called in a local plumber to get an estimate: $900! Michelle figured that the job would take at the most 20 minutes and maybe $50 in parts. She dispatched the plumber and ended up doing the project herself. Now here is an empowered woman!

A TV show about restaurant renovations called “Opening Soon” even interviewed Michelle and taped the “before” segment with her. When the production crew came back to tape the progress of the project, Michelle and her dad had already finished the renovation. The crew said that they had worked too fast and indicated that they would not be able to use the footage after all. As a result the show about the renovation of Michelle’s Beach House never got produced. Talk about getting punished for working efficiently….

Shortly before the official opening of the restaurant, Michelle was hosting a special event: a promotional launch for a winery that had booked her premises for a private event. Michelle had been doing renovations all day, shoved all the tools and materials into various closets, got her clothing and hair fixed up in the last moment – a local store down the street did her make-up – and after a hard day’s work Michelle played the role of the gracious hostess all night long.

On May 18 finally her establishment opened and “Michelle’s Beach House” was born. There were a few glitches at the beginning, for example a chef with a super-sized ego. But Michelle doesn’t tolerate divas in her kitchen, whatever work needs to be done needs to get done. Michelle will even bus the tables herself if the need arises.

The restaurant is certainly hard work. Michelle actively works every day in both restaurants. If she opens one place for lunch, she’ll close the other one after dinner and vice versa. Being present on site on a daily basis is very important in maintaining control over quality and costs. Michelle picks up fresh fish every day at a local fish store and used to handle all the purchasing herself, a task that required her to get up at 4 am every day. Now one of her employees assists her with the procurement tasks.

Michelle loves the kitchen and has done extensive catering. Her philosophy is based on high quality food and fresh ingredients, yet despite the upscale quality of her cuisine, she believes in providing solid portion sizes. The menu is changed on a seasonal basis, and she describes the cuisine at “Michelle’s in the Beach” as French Riviera style with lots of olive oil, lemon and various Mediterranean influences. Signature dishes include bouillabaisse, paté, a salad Niçoise and bacon-wrapped dates.

I asked about the specifics of this restaurant and Michelle indicated that the restaurant has 63 seats inside with another 87 seats on the patio. Michelle’s Beach House is certainly a popular hangout in the summer. Her restaurant frequently hosts winemakers’ and brewmasters’s dinners. Another special initiative are the “Manicure and Martini Mondays” which she organizes with a local merchant called Five Star Nails. Guests can come in on Mondays and enjoy some pampering, try some tasty appetizers and wash them down with a martini. Michelle also calls these events “a manicure + a martini + a mouthful”, all at the affordable price of $30.00. At her Yorkville location she organizes the same event as a collaboration with Jeanette’s Spa.

With all these interesting initiatives, there certainly hasn’t been much time for riding her motorcycle, one of Michelle’s favourite pastimes. Michelle owns a V-Star 1100 Yamaha Cruiser and had it customized. This past year she did not get to ride much at all, not surprising considering she has her hands full running two restaurants. She wants to start building her own motorbikes, and I don’t doubt for a second that she has the skills to do it.

Even though her time on the road is limited, she still regularly socializes with her friends form the Silverados, and has been inducted into the Royal Order of the Silverados for her community work. Incidentally, Los Silverados is a group of motorcycle aficionados (definitely not a gang) that started in August of 1997 with the goal of raising money for the Yonge Street Mission, an organization that helps the poor and disadvantaged of Toronto, regardless of race, religion or background. The motto of Los Silverados is “To make a contribution and to enjoy the ride” and their website explains that the name is derived as follows: Los = “the” and Silverados =”people with silver in their hair, silver in their jeans who are looking for life’s silver lining”….the name could come from a mine in Mexico, or from a pickup truck – no one knows for sure. I did not even realize that there was a motorcycle group out there whose stated mission is to make a positive contribution to the community.

One thing that Michelle does take time for is her dog “Puppy”. She bought the Bernese mountain dog & golden retriever mix as a Christmas gift for her brother’s children two days in advance of the holidays and fell in love with him instantly. It was definitely going to be hard to give him up, but fortunately Michelle’s employees pooled their money and bought her a pure-bread golden retriever as a present which she could give to her brother, allowing her to hold on to Puppy. Not surprisingly, Michelle’s Beach House is a dog-friendly restaurant, and Puppy often hangs out in the backyard.

As we were getting close to wrapping up our conversation, out of the corner of my eyes I saw our waiter approaching with two sample appetizers: Michelle’s famous baked clams with herbed bread crumbs and the renowned bacon-wrapped dates served with grapes and onion chutney. Both were exquisite and the dates just melted in my mouth. But her business needed her attention, so Michelle had to excuse herself and return back to work. Meanwhile I had a chance to sample the menu.

I ordered a potato soup topped with gruyere cheese and bacon as the first course and a Canadian cheese plate as a second course. Michelle sent over her talented chef, Ben, who explained the ingredients to me: the Canadian cheese plate includes a Benedictine Blue, a Canadian Brie and a chevre goat cheese. Walnuts, cut grapes and dried berries add a pleasant counterpoint to the tasty cheeses and a fresh warm baguette accompanies the delicacies. I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and the Canadian-Mediterranean spread.

I took a picture of Michelle’s entire crew this Wednesday evening and I could tell this bunch of young people enjoyed their jobs and the atmosphere. As Michelle was attending to her responsibilities I had a chance to savour her restaurant’s cuisine and reflect on a woman with so many interesting and unexpected facets- a multi-talented Renaissance woman and entrepreneur who cares about the community. I figured that in her modesty, there were so many things that this intriguing woman did not even share with me.

After our personal meeting I visited the website for Michelle’s Brasserie and was struck by the welcome message on her home page:

As we sit at the bar called life, precariously balancing our overfilled glass of morals, snacking on plates of somewhat mediocre integrity, one must ask why?

I believe we are always in search of something new to shake up the martini we call life. We wander from establishment to establishment in the hope that somewhere, someone will offer the ultimate pimento to fill our proverbial olive.

Michelle’s was created to fill this need.

May you find your pimento with us.

Vive l’amour,


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One Year Anniversary Present For Boyfriends

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Buying your boyfriend anniversary present can be a very daunting task. You want to find something that is a little different and special to celebrate this milestone. Guys have it easy when it comes to buying presents for their girlfriends; anything from candy, clothes, shoes, designer bags, flowers or jewelry will do just fine. But it’s a much more difficult task for the girls.

If you are looking for one year anniversary present, you have a choice between modern and traditional gift ideas. While you can’t go wrong with modern digital gadgets like an ipod, camera, watch, or PSP, they can be very costly. Guys can be extremely analytical when it comes to relationships, and most of them read into the finer details. The wrong gift to your right guy could be taken as a hint that you take this relationship less seriously than he does. It’s difficult to find the right gift, especially since you have to think about what this gift will ‘say’ about your feelings and/or expectations.

So how do you go about finding the perfect inexpensive traditional gift? Traditionally, paper is the gift given to those that are celebrating their first year anniversary. Those people who want to give traditional gifts for their first anniversary usually opt for paper. There are a lot of gift ideas that represent paper that are inexpensive and thoughtful. Here are a few ideas:

  1. A good luck anniversary card is the perfect gift for wishing him a happy 1st anniversary. The four leaf clover on it will welcome good luck and fortune for his future years.
  2. Write and frame a poem or romantic love letter.
  3. A special edition of a book, DVD or movie poster (Twilight, Harry Potter, Transformer, Star Trek ) that your boyfriend loves.
  4. Frame all the original movie, concert, or sports event tickets stubs of the past year.
  5. Make a personalized calendar or a photo collage scrapbook with pictures of the two of you, marked with all the dates that are special to him.
  6. Frame a caricature drawing made of both of you as a couple.
  7. A gift card to a favorite store, restaurant or sports bar (Hooters, ha-ha).
  8. Tickets to a special event, such as a concert, sporting event, or theater tickets.
  9. Coupons that are good for treats such as a massage, chores or sexual favors.
  10. A paper plate dinner or picnic with his favorite fast food or take out at local make out spot.
  11. Bake a mini cake for two, and a candle to make a wish. It’s the birthday of your relationship after all.

Use these inexpensive gift ideas to find a unique way to celebrate your paper anniversary. No matter how it is celebrated, a first anniversary holds a special place for the lovers and marks a day when their lives changed forever.

Sometimes women over complicate things when it comes to buying their boyfriends an anniversary gift. Whether the anniversary gift is homemade or purchased from a shop it must be something from the heart to be truly appreciated. Choosing a dating anniversary gift does not have to be so hard. In fact, it doesn’t have to be hard at all, just look at what he likes, and add your own special thoughtful touch to the gift. You have everything you need right now to choose a great gift, so relax! He is lucky to have you.

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Let a Web Presenter Bring Your Website to Life

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Are you looking for a way to jazz up your website? Do you want to deliver information about your products and services in a way that is innovative, capturing and exciting? Do you want to make your business services as easily accessible as possible?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you will probably benefit from using a web presenter.

I know how hard it is to keep up with constantly changing technology; you think you’ve got your website up-to-date with the latest designs and features, then you turn around and one of your competitors has taken things a step further. It’s tough to keep your head above the rest, but it’s one of those things you need to keep in mind to take your business to the next level.

You’re probably wondering how to do it. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: You can raise your chances of holding a potential client’s attention with online video. Actually, it’s not much of a secret. It’s obvious society is becoming more inclined to watch something on a screen than take the time to get their brains into gear and read a few passages of text. You’re probably finding this article a little tiring to read and you’ve chosen to skim over it. That just proves my point. Online video is the way of the future and, more importantly, personalised, direct communication with the audience is proving more and more effective.

This is where web presenters come into the picture. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, think about clicking into a website and being pleasantly confronted with a well-presented individual delivering to you valuable information about the business and what it has to offer. It’s like having a traffic conductor for your web page; they can highlight important sections of your website and the potential client’s natural reaction will be to go in the way they’re directed. A friendly smile, excellent communication skills, personalised treatment, confident appeal and knowledge about the services on offer will bring your web page to life and draw your audience into choosing your business. After a hard, long day at work it’s safe to say people would much rather sit back and have information fed to them rather than reading something themselves and possibly not taking in any of it at all, or missing crucial points of your business.

The best things about a web presenter are:

  • Ability to audibly communicate what your business offers
  • Establish your audience’s trust
  • Create a feeling of personal connection
  • Bring your website to life
  • Make a bold and creative statement about your business
  • Direct your audience to important sections of your website
  • Easily attract and captivate attention

All of these factors are essential in making sure your audience remains on your website and the more creative, innovative, captivating and exciting your website is, the better chance you have of raising your clientele. If you want to join in the band of businesses leading the way of the future, take advantage of this feature now. It’s extremely effective and in the end your business will thank you for it!

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Use Bike Finance to Buy Your Kid’s Christmas Presents This Year

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With modern life getting more expensive, Christmas is a time when parents look to buy their children presents which are a treat, especially if they have been unable to spoil them during the rest of the year. Many parents can often feel a sense of guilt if they are unable to afford the latest trainers or the best hair straightners for their children, so it feels great to be able to splash out on them at Christmas. If you feel that you would rather use the money you have saved for Christmas on getting the family together and enjoying your time together, there are new ways to pay for the expensive presents that you buy. Finance is available for many items that you might be buying for your children this festive season, some of which are detailed below.

Bike Finance
Bikes are a really popular present at Christmas and birthdays because parents feel like their children will be healthier because of bike riding and the kids love bikes because they can practise jumps and tricks with their friends. It also provides them with a mode of transportation which gives them a little freedom from their home life. All good bike retailers will offer finance deals on their bikes, giving you flexible options to pay off the total cost of the bike. If you do a thorough search and do not have a specific model in mind, you might be able to find some 0% deals so you do not need to pay extra for the privilege of paying the bike off in stages.

Electrical Goods
Televisions, laptops and MP3 players all see a boost in sales around Christmas, and many of these are bought by parents for their children and teenagers. Many electrical retailers will let their customers pay for these goods on finance so long as a big enough deposit is left and a credit check is successful. This can be a good option for electrical goods because whilst you are paying for the goods on finance, they are protected against faults and damages.

A Holiday
If you decide that your Christmas present to your children this year will be a family holiday, you are choosing to go on vacation at the perfect time. With the economy still in recession, has reported that hotel prices have never been so low and flights are costing less and less towards the end of the year. Travel agents are asking for minimal deposits for family holidays allowing you to pay the rest off in the months before you go. This is brilliant if you book a holiday for summer 2010, as you have 6 months to pay for the whole holiday. This kind of present is one that the whole family can enjoy and remember and is a good way to spend more time together.

If you plan ahead you can buy your children’s Christmas presents now and spread the payments out into the new year. So long as you know that you will have enough money to pay off the payments, there is no reason why you should not take a little of the Christmas pressure off yourself and enjoy the festivities rather than worry about finding the money to buy the presents you want to give your children.

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How to Finish Your Business Presentation

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If we agree that a strong close to a presentation can help send our audience off in the right frame of mind, ready to act on our suggestions, and pleased they have spent time listening to us, then we must recognise that the moment when we bring the presentation to a close is at least as important as the rest of the content. Here are some things to do, and some things to avoid in your next business presentation.

Avoid questions at the end. This is something of a conference standard… “I’m now going to throw the floor open to questions” and you, like me, will have seen the range of awful reactions. No questions, too many questions, people with a serious (in their minds) point to make which is the total opposite of your presentation and so on. No matter if we allow ten minutes for questions, in which case we get one, or allow three minutes in which case everyone wants to speak, this part often looks and feels messy. So my strong suggestion is not to do it. Invite questions throughout the session, and reference you are happy to talk after the event (if you are) and prepare your audience for no questions at the end. Now on occasions i have had to put questions at the end because the client requires it, but in those cases I want something between questions and me stopping. Questions are too unpredictable to put at the end and can so easily derail all your great work earlier.

Do thank your audience for being lively, enthusiastic, engaged, for making great points, for their attention… Whatever is appropriate to your style and the delegates themselves, even if they have sat their in sulky silence. I know this seems unusual to be so complementary to them, but either they genuinely think they were behaving appropriately, in which case you don’t want to shatter their beliefs right now, or they know they have not behaved well, in which case a little reflection will tell them that’s the case… Again you don’t need to tell them now. Do this genuinely and mean it… If they were truly awful, you can enjoy the moment privately.

Avoid confusion, by checking in advance what is happening after you finish…are you handing over to another speaker, the facilitator, are delegates going to lunch…? Find this out and it makes your finish tidied and cleaner and you look better prepared and professional.

Wish your audience the best at the end,with the ideas you have proposed (which subtly reminds them of your content) and invite them to contact you with any queries they have following your presentation. If you show them, or refer them to any printed information which has a website, or your email, number or anything else you can virtually guarantee that no one which actually contact you, but the gesture is polite, supportive and really appreciated at this point. Tell them you look forward to meeting them again and hearing all about their success. Tell them you know they will get great results from what you have suggested. All of this is well rehearsed and allows us to know you are finishing so we are being led neatly through the presentation.

Avoid phrases like “in summary” and “to conclude” and so on. They are awkward and only really get used at events like this. It is also very off putting when someone says “to finish” more than once, and keeps showing no sign of finishing!

Always work toward your last words being “thank you”. This is a neat and tidy full stop. People know for a fact you have finished. It’s polite. It acknowledges the chance you have been given in being able to talk to your audience. Best of all, it gives a gentle nudge for people to applaud (if that is relevant in this situation) which whether or not you want, is how many audiences like to finish a speech. When you say “thank you” you pause and smile, the audience automatically applauds, and you can walk off the stage in a positive frame, rather than the awkward silence many speakers leave to!

I promise if you act on these suggestions you will have a strong, professional finish, which looks and feels so much better than many speakers. Thank you.

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Using Video Conferencing to Save Your Presentation

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The PowerPoint presentation is frequently used in the meeting rooms all over the world. There are many efforts that are put into preparing the presentation in adding the best wording, animations, and also other media content. Then, the main effort, hope, and also dream for the successful presentation are rewarded by the winning set up of the computer and also projector. You have an image on your screen. But wait, sometimes there is still a ticking time bomb. The light of the projector bulb timed to expire just at the mainly dramatic moment of the presentation.

What you have to know about this? The hard copy that prints of the slides just does not convey the similar emotion and the level of brightness, as the video presentation. Why do not you mix this face-to-face meeting with the essential meeting world? Yes, now you can save the meeting and also the presentation with video conferencing. This is really helpful for you to get the best performance in presenting your idea. And the most advantage is that you can save your presentation.

There are various ways that you can choose in solving this problem. One of the best ways is that you can set up the account with an online meeting provider. This will be good for you. You do need to worry if this will happen to you. You can solve your problem easily. All you can do is that you do not need to be panic. Once when the laptop is connected to the Internet and the meeting website, you need to provide them with the meeting number. Then the video portion of the meeting is live one again.

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Making a Technical Presentation – Know Your Purpose

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Today I’m the host of a call-in radio programme on whether technical information is persuasive or informative. Here’s your scenario:

An Audit Manager at a major audit firm has to make a presentation to members of staff of 4 departments on the new approach to auditing which the company was adopting. The employees are not being asked to vote or approve the plan in any way because the company has already decided on this plan. The speaker’s job is to explain how the new method will work, patiently answer questions, and hand out the new documentation that the employees will need to work with.

The phone lines are now open…

While I wait for your call…

A speech to inform, describes, defines, or demonstrates something e.g. the current state of Parent Teachers Associations in your country or a report on the activities of the Paint Dryers Inc. This type of speech is not difficult and a new Public Speaking kid on the block should be able to master it.
However, in terms of technical information, do remember that depending on your audience, your information could be a bit heavy and requires more skill and care in the way you present it.

The purpose of such a speech is to convince your audience to change their beliefs, feelings, motives, conduct or point of view. A speaker will skillfully blend logic and emotional appeal supported by a strong call to action, to achieve this purpose.

In this case the call to action is often weak or worse, overlooked. It is such a missed opportunity to deliver excellent information, appeal to the emotions of your audience and then fail to ask them to take some specific action.

Hello! We have a caller on the line? You say that the audit manager must be persuasive? I agree with you. If he does not persuade his managers to accept the new methods, he could find that he might have a problem on his hands with the implementation.

Hello! We have another caller? You think that the manager must inform the staff about the new methods? I agree with you. The staff has to have very clear information to help them to understand the new methods.

Most times technical people are invited (or required) to speak because it is believed that they have some good information to share. And most technical people just say “yes” without even wondering “what is expected of me…”

You can decide what your purpose will be and you should, because this will significantly impact how you structure your presentation. Do you want to inform? Garner support for a project? Or persuade the audience to take some specific action? Again, analysing your audience will help you to decide how best to achieve your purpose.

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Presentation Aids

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In my last article I covered the basics of what a business presentation is and how to go about giving an effective one. I mentioned that I would be elaborating on the different types of presentation aids that exist and this is basically the scope of this article.

What are presentation aids?

Anything that helps you make your presentation more effective is an aid. In the old days we used to struggle with audio cassettes, and tape recorders, not to mention VCRs and video tapes. Today the biggest aid you have is the computer. It takes care of audio, visual and projection needs. An all in one package deal.

It is useful indeed to use Power Point to compile your presentations. Put all the relevant data onto digital slides. Shuffle them along in the order that you want to speak about them. Hide slides you don’t want to use for shorter presentations. There is a lot that you can do with the laptop at your disposal. Yet, the ongoing slide show is not the only feature that you can use in a presentation.

Handouts are the most common one for business presentations. They allow you to give the client a piece of paper with relevant information and your contact details. A very handy way to get them to contact you when they need more details. Also if you give them good facts and figures that they want to keep safe, the handout will fare much better than the business cards that you hand out.

Videos and pictures make great presentation aids. Let’s face it, not all of us are born orators. Most of us are hiding behind our scripts and wishing the presentation was over. So it makes sense to show relevant videos that will explain your point just as well as you talking. It is also less monotonous and more engaging for the audience if you mix your speech with videos.

Charts and Graphs are better than mouthing figures. Pictures make a far greater impact on the human brain than numbers. The visual impact of bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, and organograms is far better than the oral impact. Have them in color and use the 3D effect. It will be all the more interesting to peruse the statistics in the case.

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