How to Open a Good Presentation

A good presentation starts with a good opening. A good opening will largely determine the success of a presentation. It is similar with the fact that a poor opening will also tend to make a presentation to fail.

The purpose of opening is to provide information on topics of presentations and what to expect afterward. The opening is an important part to attract the audience. Therefore, plan the opening well. Based on the experience, if the opening is clogged, the mood of presenter will also be bad and the overall presentation could fail.

When you open a presentation, say hello to audiences and stare them friendly. Give your best smile and feel that the sincere smile will influence the audience to smile too. In this case, the important aspect is sincerity. Just believe if you do it with sincerity and not by necessity, what you say will affect others.

At this stage, the audiences do not always respond well. Do not be affected with that response. Be sure that you can solve the matter.

Yes, it is indeed that a thorough preparation is the key to success. Thus, before giving a presentation, check all the equipments that you carry: a laptop, presentation files, room, projectors, air conditioners and everything. If you use slides, make sure that the slides can be displayed properly on screen. There are times when the colors you see in front of the computer are not the same as the display on the screen due to the differences in equipment settings.

Make the necessary adjustments. If there is a color that does not fit, you should change it soon, so that it can be read on the screen clearly and easily. You should not know that there is something in a muddle when the presentation has been running. Many incidents like this happen, even on an important presentation and they frustrate both the presenter and audience.

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