One Year Anniversary Present For Boyfriends

Buying your boyfriend anniversary present can be a very daunting task. You want to find something that is a little different and special to celebrate this milestone. Guys have it easy when it comes to buying presents for their girlfriends; anything from candy, clothes, shoes, designer bags, flowers or jewelry will do just fine. But it’s a much more difficult task for the girls.

If you are looking for one year anniversary present, you have a choice between modern and traditional gift ideas. While you can’t go wrong with modern digital gadgets like an ipod, camera, watch, or PSP, they can be very costly. Guys can be extremely analytical when it comes to relationships, and most of them read into the finer details. The wrong gift to your right guy could be taken as a hint that you take this relationship less seriously than he does. It’s difficult to find the right gift, especially since you have to think about what this gift will ‘say’ about your feelings and/or expectations.

So how do you go about finding the perfect inexpensive traditional gift? Traditionally, paper is the gift given to those that are celebrating their first year anniversary. Those people who want to give traditional gifts for their first anniversary usually opt for paper. There are a lot of gift ideas that represent paper that are inexpensive and thoughtful. Here are a few ideas:

  1. A good luck anniversary card is the perfect gift for wishing him a happy 1st anniversary. The four leaf clover on it will welcome good luck and fortune for his future years.
  2. Write and frame a poem or romantic love letter.
  3. A special edition of a book, DVD or movie poster (Twilight, Harry Potter, Transformer, Star Trek ) that your boyfriend loves.
  4. Frame all the original movie, concert, or sports event tickets stubs of the past year.
  5. Make a personalized calendar or a photo collage scrapbook with pictures of the two of you, marked with all the dates that are special to him.
  6. Frame a caricature drawing made of both of you as a couple.
  7. A gift card to a favorite store, restaurant or sports bar (Hooters, ha-ha).
  8. Tickets to a special event, such as a concert, sporting event, or theater tickets.
  9. Coupons that are good for treats such as a massage, chores or sexual favors.
  10. A paper plate dinner or picnic with his favorite fast food or take out at local make out spot.
  11. Bake a mini cake for two, and a candle to make a wish. It’s the birthday of your relationship after all.

Use these inexpensive gift ideas to find a unique way to celebrate your paper anniversary. No matter how it is celebrated, a first anniversary holds a special place for the lovers and marks a day when their lives changed forever.

Sometimes women over complicate things when it comes to buying their boyfriends an anniversary gift. Whether the anniversary gift is homemade or purchased from a shop it must be something from the heart to be truly appreciated. Choosing a dating anniversary gift does not have to be so hard. In fact, it doesn’t have to be hard at all, just look at what he likes, and add your own special thoughtful touch to the gift. You have everything you need right now to choose a great gift, so relax! He is lucky to have you.

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