Present Your Way To The Top – Book Review

By: David J. Dempsey, JD (2010)

ISBN 978-0-07-173994-8

Book Price: $30.95

Presentation skills coach

David J. Dempsey, JD, is the president and CEO of Neon Zebra, LLC, an executive presentation skills coaching firm. He is a veteran of the courtroom, as well as a business executive, a university professor, an acclaimed author, and award winning speaker. David is also a presentation skills consultant to Fortune 500 company leaders.

Becoming a wonderful presenter

In over 300 pages of informative discourse, Dempsey shares eight parts to becoming a wonderful presenter. He releases pointers as: Set the mind (Part 1), be prepared (Part 2), use a plan (Part 3), practice (Part 4), focus on details (Part 5), deliver well (Part 6), using speaking aids (Part 7), & confront special challenges (Part 8).

Speaking success

David J. Dempsey shares with the clarity and supporting proof of a true lawyer. His insights are punctuated by solid evidence to support his claims, as seen in his opening discourse about people’s aversion to speaking. He adds, “… only 24 percent of Americans are very comfortable giving a speech or a formal presentation.”

The remainder of Dempsey’s work presents keys for readers to overcome their inadequacy of speaking in public. He uses examples to bolster impact in each point, as, “Exceptional speakers are fanatical about preparation. They leave nothing to chance. They understand their audience… meticulously build their presentations brick by brick.”

David’s clinical approach ensures that readers are fully informed about his subject. He works hard to deliver all necessary details, as seen in his summary of an excellent speech. He lists, “Excellent speeches are constructed with solid building blocks, which include a clear theme, logical organization, a captivating opening, precise sentences, vivid imagery, colorful language, engaging stories, and a dynamic closing.”

Dempsey concludes by presenting his readers with the benefits of learning to become a better speaker. He declares, “Business executives who communicate with confidence and conviction will see their messages resonate with their audiences and invariably enjoy a distinct advantage… truly stand out every time you speak.”

Excel in presenting

David J. Dempsey delivers a concise and practical tool to bolster the skills of any speaker to excel in presenting.

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