Secrets of Power Negotiating: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator by Roger Dawson

As you read Roger Dawson’s book – ‘Secrets of Power Negotiating: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator’ – you will learn so many new strategies, tactics and skills required for successful ‘Power’ negotiating that your whole concept of negotiating may well change. This book is one of those rare finds: An “Inside Secrets” book that really does show you useful negotiating tactics that you can apply easily in your daily life and going about your business. In fact, whilst they may not be absolutely classed as secrets, I didn’t know some of these things before.

The insights you can gain from this book will resonate with real, everyday situations you might encounter such as buying a car or agreeing a holiday destination; but also more serious matters all the way through to resolving difficult business issues. As with most ‘Secrets’ the ideas themselves are no more than good common-sense approaches, but if you haven’t thought of them, some are mind-boggling such as the advice to physically flinch when you hear the other side’s first offer.

Beyond this, you’ll learn a lot more about other techniques such as ‘acquiring a winning personality’, ‘reading other people’ and ‘building confidence’. This book is jam-packed with practical tips, and nuggets of information that make you say “of course!”

You will probably think at first-sight that you already know a lot of the ideas presented as secrets, and perhaps you do, but if you stay with it you’ll realise that you can see better ways of applying the knowledge you already possess. However, I believe there may be much in the book that you didn’t know and it will add to your overall fund of negotiating knowledge.

It’s also well written and the layout is easy to follow making it an extremely powerful, great to read, book. Highly recommended.

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