Use Bike Finance to Buy Your Kid’s Christmas Presents This Year

With modern life getting more expensive, Christmas is a time when parents look to buy their children presents which are a treat, especially if they have been unable to spoil them during the rest of the year. Many parents can often feel a sense of guilt if they are unable to afford the latest trainers or the best hair straightners for their children, so it feels great to be able to splash out on them at Christmas. If you feel that you would rather use the money you have saved for Christmas on getting the family together and enjoying your time together, there are new ways to pay for the expensive presents that you buy. Finance is available for many items that you might be buying for your children this festive season, some of which are detailed below.

Bike Finance
Bikes are a really popular present at Christmas and birthdays because parents feel like their children will be healthier because of bike riding and the kids love bikes because they can practise jumps and tricks with their friends. It also provides them with a mode of transportation which gives them a little freedom from their home life. All good bike retailers will offer finance deals on their bikes, giving you flexible options to pay off the total cost of the bike. If you do a thorough search and do not have a specific model in mind, you might be able to find some 0% deals so you do not need to pay extra for the privilege of paying the bike off in stages.

Electrical Goods
Televisions, laptops and MP3 players all see a boost in sales around Christmas, and many of these are bought by parents for their children and teenagers. Many electrical retailers will let their customers pay for these goods on finance so long as a big enough deposit is left and a credit check is successful. This can be a good option for electrical goods because whilst you are paying for the goods on finance, they are protected against faults and damages.

A Holiday
If you decide that your Christmas present to your children this year will be a family holiday, you are choosing to go on vacation at the perfect time. With the economy still in recession, has reported that hotel prices have never been so low and flights are costing less and less towards the end of the year. Travel agents are asking for minimal deposits for family holidays allowing you to pay the rest off in the months before you go. This is brilliant if you book a holiday for summer 2010, as you have 6 months to pay for the whole holiday. This kind of present is one that the whole family can enjoy and remember and is a good way to spend more time together.

If you plan ahead you can buy your children’s Christmas presents now and spread the payments out into the new year. So long as you know that you will have enough money to pay off the payments, there is no reason why you should not take a little of the Christmas pressure off yourself and enjoy the festivities rather than worry about finding the money to buy the presents you want to give your children.

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